Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A tribute to Comedy Nights with Kapil!

Well, I don't think I have missed even a single episode of this show - even before we had Tata Sky at our home :)

The first show that I watched was of 2 hours; full of laughter. [An old friend of mine used to say that I could laugh at anything; some people have said that my laughter is contagious, so it's good that I laugh :)]
I wondered why they had started with 2 hours show and that too 2 days in the week; also repeating the show just after the show time. I thought why couldn't they think of saving the content for later. Every time I watched one show, I used to fearful of them running out of content.

But what confidence! The show went on; and on; and on; and on --> laughter and laughter unlimited! In India, every single moment people face with issues that bring with them reasons for depression, frustration, unhappiness, irritability and so on. Many, many genuine thanks to this show which let people enjoy and laugh their hearts out at least a few minutes every week.

I love the show, I love the actors; possibly because I have a special place in my heart for all the people from small towns who make it big in any industry; especially in the entertainment industry because this industry we all know is mean, and they are the ones who survive and grow purely based on talent and nothing else! [Unfortunately, still Suraj Pancholi for Hero wins award against many others like Vicky Kaushal for Masaan]

What I like the most about the show is how the entire team of the show have observed the minutest details and nitty-gritties of the small town India - whether it is Sittu's makeover, or the wedding commentary by Sunil Grover, or the buffalo of lachcha :)

A big gratitude to my two most favourite people of the show:

Sunil Grover: Sunil Grover wins my first vote, slightly ahead of Kapil Sharma in sheer talent. I was somewhere abroad with no job for a few months and one of my past times was of course watching television. Once when flipping channels while having lunch, I noticed this guy mimicing Shahrukh Khan; I noticed the details of the show and it was called 'Chala Lallan Hero Banne', and this guy was playing 'Ruk Ruk Khan'. I really liked him, he does mimic SRK extremely well. I did notice him now and then on television and a few movies and whenever I noticed him, I never missed mentioning it to my husband, 'this is the Ruk Ruk Khan from Chala Lallan Hero Banne'. I like him the best in Ghajini :) In Gabbar is Back when he faces Gabbar and says that dialogue 'I know who is he...Gabbar', my jaw dropped and I was thinking now he is going to start, "aap aaye hain iss bagiyaa mein" - which is the patent song of Guththi.

My most memorable moments of the show are of Sunil Grover:
1. In the Gabbar is Back promotion episode when Akshay Kumar actually called Sunil Grover and Guththi said, 'thodi technical problem hain...' :)
2. In the Dilwale promotion episode when he and SRK enacted the SRK's patented romance pose - he played Ruk Ruk Khan after 10 years again :)

Kapil Sharma: (Bittu Sharma, and Sittu Sharma) I have been religiously watching comedy shows and was a big fan of Great Indian Laughter Challenge back then with Raju Srivastava, Sunil Pal and others. Not sure if anyone remembers 'pehchaan kaun' :) Siddhu and Shekhar Suman did make the show a bit more lively. I took a little while to adapt to the comedy of Kapil Sharma and I didn't watch the show regularly. However, when I watched the show while relating it to the surroundings and situations, it felt funny. Kapil Sharma did not win the first season he participated in, he won the next one. And rest is history. I like his singing too, he sings well.
I have watched all 18 seasons of Comedy Circus too; and the one participant who stood out exceptionally well from the rest was this man. The best part was his spontaneous comments which were not a part of the script.
Comedy Nights with Kapil of course showcased his talent in the best possible manner, so many hours of comedy making people laugh at every single punch!

I love each one of them in the show including Raju, Siddhu, Sumona and others; all of them display humility, commitment to their work, completely enjoy what they do which is contagious, they do their work with complete 'shiddat'.

I don't know why the show has ended, it should not have! Once again, it proves that negative energies overpower positive ones. I feel sad about all those who lost those few minutes of sheer enjoyment every week!

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