Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reading print!

When I am at leisure (actual leisure after I am done with anything to do with the many connected devices around me), the one activity that I really want to do is read something offline - print!
When I am reading a newspaper, invariably I come across something that is very informative and it has come to me organically without me looking for it. I am sure I would never have 'searched' for it and there are very, very remote chances that I would have been reading up something related so that I would have got this particular article as a recommendation; there is also very, very, very small chance that any of my friends/connections on Facebook or LinkedIn would have posted it - and even smaller a chance that I would not have missed it!

Whenever I go to the beauty parlour, I pick up a magazine from there (ranging from fashion to cinema to retailer to Outlook to anything else that's available there) and I end up reading at least a consolidated 15-20 pages of different articles which are too good - which I would have never found online, but I feel thankful I found them and read them. Not too sure if such a content is not there online, or I am unable to find it, or such good writers are not publishing and popularizing themselves & their work online. More importantly, it is somehow more relaxing also to read something in those magazines or any print version.

Today, for example I went to the parlour and read up 3-4 different articles from various magazines available there - one article on big data in online retail; another was an interview of Ajit Joshi, MD of Infiniti Retail; another article on hot coconut oil massage for hair :); another article on the changing trends in bollywood dialogues - the author thinks that the current audience is possibly not apt for the dialogues like 'jaani yeh chaaku hai, bachchon ke khelne ki cheez nahin, haath kat jaaye toh khoon nikal aata hai' or 'Saleem tumhe marne nahin dega aur hum Anarkali tumhein jeene nahin deenge' - but also puts a very interesting viewpoint of hers that probably there are no actors who can deliver those or such dialogues with that much depth and impact - very true I thought! And finally, I came across this hilarious cartoon depiction of the movie Ram-Leela, my Gujju friends would be able to appreciate the humour in it much better, but all would love I am sure, read page by page:

Each of the articles I read were extremely well written, they were all seasoned writers it is apparent; somehow online is more casual though it may have its own charm and definitely opens up the platform to many unseasoned writers to express themselves, but online has a long way to go and compete with print when it comes to impress people who really like reading, it may be another point that such audience might be slowly diminishing too.