Saturday, March 1, 2014

How it died!

I was driving my car to the nearby market for some usual work. There was this so called city-bus in front of me on the road, driving very slow and stopping every few seconds just 50 mts away from the market to pick many people taking advantage of the slow-moving traffic to get into the bus at their own pace & places of choice to avoid walking for the small 3-5 mts stretch.

There were two piglets (about 0.75 ft tall and about the same in height so they were not too small) trying to cross the road from the right side of the road to the left, running one behind the other.

1st second:
I notice these two piglets trying to cross the road and one of them quickly making its way to the other side just before the bus moves, and the second one, very confused trying to just follow the first one.

2nd second:
I stop, wanting to let the piglet pass before me in case it wants to since it was so confused. By then the bus hits it - not too hard but it is already touched by the bus, probably the front tyre which looked really giant in front of the little pink creature.

3rd second:
The piglet thinks it has escaped itself and tries to cross the road from the space between the front and rear tyres of the bus. The bus hits it and drags it for a fraction of a second. I hear and see the piglet's baby screams. It was shocked and didn't know what was happening with it, tried to get out of that situation but of course could not.

4th second:
The tyre crosses from top of it piercing it, and I see its stomach and intestines out in blood. The piglet could not scream anymore but it was alive, its voice was gone though it looked like it wanted to scream.

5th second:
It fluttered 1...2...3 for half a second and then it was still!


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