Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The concept called "God"

God helps those who help themselves - but if I am able to anyway help myself, why would I need 'God' to help me? Is it some kind of an add-on offer?

I need some external help which is not in my control only when I am not able to help myself, right? I don't know about others but at no point in my life have I seen any extra-ordinary help by a non-explainable source extended to me in any of the situations when I thought I needed one. I do believe in a power which is above all the human powers, but I believe very strongly that this power is a form of energy & it dwells within us. The closer we are to that power or the more we are able to strengthen that energy, the more extra-ordinary support we are able to get, but that is nothing unexplainable, I feel. The strength of this energy of course is very much directly proportional to the efforts that we put in. At least, in my case, nothing ever had worked out without me putting in immense efforts. I might have a wish, a dream - but I know my wishes, my dreams would come true only when I work towards them. (Or may be I don't have dreams that don't require me working!?!?!) I admit I put in 1000% efforts & don't leave any stone unturned as per my knowledge, (if there is a stone not in my knowledge I can't do anything about it though) & this energy falls for me. This is the only way I realize I can win, because I know if I don't put in efforts, there is nothing that would help me just like that. Sometimes I feel compassionate about myself - something that takes me mammoth sized efforts works for someone else very easily. That is mostly due to 'human' powers though as per my analysis :-)

There were days when I used to go to temple every single day (those were pretty bad days), & actually my belief in some 'power' existing within started from those amateurish attempts to answer the questions on why things were so bad & was there anyone or anything that could improve them! The only answer I could derive was, 'yes there is one who could improve & that is we ourselves, who is dealing with them.'

I do believe in past lives, the soul connections and so on & so forth. There are questions for which I do have answers to, basing all my beliefs on these concepts. But there are still questions for which I don't have answers to & I very strongly feel if there existed someone called or known as 'God', these questions would not have been there in the first place! I would definitely want to 'feel', if not 'see' this concept named 'God'.

I have seen people arguing if ghosts exist. My argument would be, at least about 'ghosts', we know cases where they have been felt, we know they are the souls of someone who existed sometime around us in this world itself & so there is more logic in believing that the soul is still around. But 'God' - I don't know what to say! Still more alarming for me is when someone says they believe 'God' & not ghosts.


Pavan said...

Hi Sri,
Just happened to visit your blog by clicking on the link in your email. An interesting post. I completely agree with you when you say if i can help myself then why do i need God. If we have to analyze successful people or great people across fields, then one do see that they have worked very hard towards what they wanted to do. They didn't go out all worshipping God to get their work done. They must have prayed for better results though but their hard work was the prime factor. As per Bhagvad Gita, they performed 'Karma' i.e. did one's duties in life as per his/her dharma, or duty, without attachment to results. However, Bhagvad Gita also states that Worshipping God is also important. But worshipping God for something is not pure worship in the first place. My understanding of the statement 'God helps those who help themselves', is that if one is putting all the effort towards something then God may take care of factors beyond our control which we may not be aware of. Some might argue then why do some people inspite of putting all the effort face difficulties or challenges beyond their control. Well, then it is probably for some reason which we may not be able to understand but God does and then it is his will. This should however not make us shy away from putting our best foot forward if really believe in something as said in the book 'The Alchemist'.

Pavan said...

Hi Sri,

I got thru to ur blog from an email of urs which had the blog link under your email sign.
An interesting thought. I completely agree with you. It's the Karma (ref: BHAGVAD GITA) which is important. Worshipping is also important but God worship alone will not yield results. But Karma can. Many in this world have achieved gr8 results with their hardwork. And if one puts all efforts and still does not achieve the target then it probably did not happen for a reason. The reason may be unknown to us.

My understanding of the statement, 'God helps those who help themselves' is that if we strongly believe in something and are sincerely putting efforts to achieve something good, then God takes care of the unknown factors or things which are out of our control (ref: The Alchemist).

And if we still fail, then probably it's God way of saying this was not meant to be, which we often refer to as 'our Fate'.