Friday, March 11, 2011

Fight to live, fight to die!

What an amazing new regulation concerning Euthanasia, what a pathetic state we are in!

She wanted to go out and play, she was told it is a bad habit.

She wanted to laugh aloud, she was told girls are not supposed to laugh aloud.

She wanted to make a career of her own, she was told her priority should be to get married & serve her family well.

Throughout her life, when she wanted to live (read 'live the way one wants to') - there is one or the other way she is troubled to make her feel "why live". So, there comes a stage when she thinks she does not want to live anymore. Then when she wants to die, and is actually dying - so this is the first time when something that she thought for herself is happening in her life. Now, people don't want her to die. They want her to live now, or put more aptly they want her not to die. So they want to put her to life, as much as possible with all the efforts, to see her in as much pain as possible. What pleasure does it give us to see someone in pain, I really can't understand. Is it because we don't have our own activities to take care of, that we find one of this kind for ourselves to watch & talk about to pass our time!

Such a strange mentality we carry of hunting for people around us on whose lives we can take a control on. How sad!

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