Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The roar of 1.2 BILLION people!

Ravi Shastri comments in the India-Australia quarter finals of the Cricket World Cup 2011, 'If India were to win this match, there will be the MOTHER of all the matches on Wednesday in Mohali, India meeting Pakistan'.

When it comes to 'India vs Pakistan', there is something, but when it comes to Cricket match, and in a world cup, and in India - this is a combination which every single one of would get goosebumps for. For any sport for that matter, it brings up the same feelings of many together, but a combination like this is definitely very special.

The power of being united will be seen tomorrow, the roar of 1.2 BILLION people together, will be heard tomorrow. Roars from each household together heard on a boundary or a wicket, that's simply amazing to hear. Nothing so personal about cricket, about India/Pakistan, about world cup - but I will have a smile on my face on those absolute mad celebrations and there would be many like me around.

I remember the 1999 world cup when I was in Ahmedabad, India won against Pakistan, apart from the celebrations at each wicket, each boundary, almost every delivery which resulted in a run for India or, a no-run or wicket for Pakistan; once India finally won, people started dancing outside on the streets, there was a procession with a dhol and a bunch of people dancing on that stupidly played dhol, I liked the way they were enjoying, probably after a long time or never as before ever for many :-)

Whatever said and done, there is something about India enjoying like that together, there is a strange sense of satisfaction seeing people happy all around. I wish such matches happen often, and we celebrate madly like that more frequently.

To all the celebrations for tomorrow, ENJOY!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rang Barse...

Would a Holi pass by without singing this song...'Rang Barse.....bheegey....chunar waali..rang barse...'

This is from the movie 'Silsila' as we all know, one of the biggest hits of Bollywood for several reasons & concerns, enacted by the two most iconic stars in lead roles, and other two most iconic stars in supporting roles. All the stories talked about the movie & its resemblance to the reality & it being actually the reality of the stars' lives and so on and so forth, definitely creates a lot of questions in our minds.

1981, is when the movie was released. And it is said & probably known to everyone now that the two lead stars didn't speak to each other after the movie, neither did they speak to the media about that, ever. The man of principles that the Superstar of the Millennium is! 2011, 30 years, definitely a very very long time!

Each year, when this song is played all over the country & people across the country unanimously enjoy the festival much more just because of this song, imagine what would this actress feel, especially when she confessed about her feelings towards this visionary actor on the Simi Garewal's show.

This song, created a history, each & everyone of the 80 crore people (assuming around 20% children wouldn't still recognize the song & its importance) dance on this song everywhere - absolutely no region in the country would play Holi without this song!!! Beyond imagination.

True, actors live 2 lives, one which we see on-screen & the other which they truly are - I wonder if anyone ever gets to see their true self ever or even if they themselves are able to live their true self. Harsh reality!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Question our question?

The answers exist, for any question that we can ask ourselves or to the others or to Google :)

Every time I have a question, I of course put in immense efforts to find the answer myself first - and for the obvious ones Google helps me, and for some others I think myself and eventually, do find the answer - sometimes the answer is a harsh reality, but that's how it is, I accept it.

The one thing I admire about Google as a company is how it puts in all possible efforts to thrive towards this factor called 'relevance' - not only in its search results but in almost every practice.
I type something in Google search, I don't get the answer. Then I edit my question a bit, I still don't get the intended answer. I tweak my query a bit more, and I finally do get the answer to it. Whenever this happens, I always say to myself, 'If you don't get an answer to your question on Google, question your question & not Google.' Wow! Isn't that an amazing thought!

This I see how truly is applicable to our lives as well. It is just that we lack resources to seek answers to our questions - sometimes time, sometimes ability, sometimes just that one bold step to go ahead and find the answer.

There are many questions which I am still seeking answers to, which Google can't find I know, but I know they exist - I just wish my life time is enough for me to find them.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fight to live, fight to die!

What an amazing new regulation concerning Euthanasia, what a pathetic state we are in!

She wanted to go out and play, she was told it is a bad habit.

She wanted to laugh aloud, she was told girls are not supposed to laugh aloud.

She wanted to make a career of her own, she was told her priority should be to get married & serve her family well.

Throughout her life, when she wanted to live (read 'live the way one wants to') - there is one or the other way she is troubled to make her feel "why live". So, there comes a stage when she thinks she does not want to live anymore. Then when she wants to die, and is actually dying - so this is the first time when something that she thought for herself is happening in her life. Now, people don't want her to die. They want her to live now, or put more aptly they want her not to die. So they want to put her to life, as much as possible with all the efforts, to see her in as much pain as possible. What pleasure does it give us to see someone in pain, I really can't understand. Is it because we don't have our own activities to take care of, that we find one of this kind for ourselves to watch & talk about to pass our time!

Such a strange mentality we carry of hunting for people around us on whose lives we can take a control on. How sad!