Friday, January 21, 2011

Service & Service providers

Have we ever thought when we go to a restaurant and have food, who makes that food and how they make it, what efforts they take in making that food for us.

Have we ever thought when we order for a cab at 5AM in peak winter time, what efforts go into making that cab available for us?

“Call centre open 24 x 7” - means hundreds of people will spend sleepless nights to take our calls and answer them.
“Now, you can book online anytime from anywhere” - means there is a dedicated team to take care of the back-end processes and troubleshoot anytime through the day and night.
“Home delivery in 30 minutes now” - means there are some people who risk their lives to road accidents, who burn themselves in peak summers, and stiffen their hands in peak winters to get us the delivery in 30 minutes.
“Now hotels available in the remotest locations of the country” - means there would be people living away from their families for several days and months together for providing us with the services.

The irony is that we avail the services but often, forget the efforts of the providers. By providers, I don’t mean the companies, the management. The management decides what to do, the operations department decides how to do, but the people who actually do and follow for the management’s promises to be kept and the company’s brand name to be built up are the ones who make a difference and unfortunately they are the ones who are taken least care of. I am extremely unsure and quite confused about why this is the case.

Are we providing a health drink for the person burning in the heat to deliver the order. Are we providing a pair of gloves to the person whose hands stiffen in the winter while traveling to deliver the order. Are we providing extra facilities for the families of the people who stay away just for their job which is to serve us!

Hope companies in hospitality sector make efforts towards these accomplishments!