Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Little' people speak!

I went to shop at Spencers hypermarket this weekend. I took all the items that were there in my list (I am so organized you see...:-)), to my surprise onions were selling at Rs. 46 per kg.
I really like the billing counters at Spencers, reminds me of the Star India Bazaar of Ahmedabad - it is probably because of the resemblance to ‘Ahmedabad’ that I like this too :-)

While at the counter, when my turn came after a few others in the queue before me, I observed the guy who was billing, he seemed to be working like a machine following a pre-entered program in his brain. I felt like he is saying:

"I am the guy who stands here for more than 10 hours to just enter the items you have bought, take the right amount from you and give you back what I owe you."

"I expose the barcode to the machine to scan, or you have a tough time analyzing whether you paid the right amount for what all you bought."

"I may not know how much to give you back when you pay me Rs. 1000 for your bill of Rs. 873, of course my machine doesn’t let me make a mistake, I know how to count the amount that I pay you, I can add, I can’t subtract!"

"I may now know what the keys on my keyboard mean, apart from the numeric keys, the enter key and sometimes a few more like space."

“But I am the king of this place, I run the show.”

“The more you buy, the tougher it is for me, the more boring it is for me.”

“The more customers come in, the more taxing it becomes for me, the less rest I get to take, the less relaxing time I have.”

“The different kinds of payment methods you use for your ease, the more complex it becomes for me."

“They encourage you to buy more, they encourage more customers to come in, they introduce various payment methods for your own ease - all of these are problematic for me.”

“But, if I don’t stand on the counter to bill your goods, would you ever come in again? The more comfort I create for you at this last stage of your buying cycle, the more you are motivated to come back in the store and buy more from the store.”

“What would you do without me!!! Ha ha ha...”

Visit Thank God for little people too, inspiring.

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