It was 20th September, 1999 when I had joined my first job. When I tell anyone that I have so many years of experience, people are generally astonished! I just smile. But it is not so much fun when I look back the path that I had left behind to reach where I am now. I sometimes wish my path could have been different…but when I also feel ‘if I were not that, I would not have been this’. Still, TEN years, is not at all a joke, especially when your resume had to discount most of it! But the fact that one has come a long way to reach here almost start a career afresh, is definitely commendable.

You have spent so many years working, have gone through a lot of ups and downs, been a top performer in every work that you have done, and so you have learnt more than anyone around you everywhere till now, and moved forward, leaving everyone around, behind. The advantage of this fruitful learning is that you understand almost everything that is happening around you – starting from empathizing with the staff and the security to visualizing what the CEO must be going through in a current situation. You have the confidence to take up utmost manual/operational to utmost strategic initiatives. You are able to use many of the skills that you have acquired all through your journey, in whatever you are doing, linking and using random things to simplify the tasks that you have in hand, & this simply builds a lot of enthusiasm. Your cab driver discusses his situation with you and you know what he is going through, see a news piece about 100% FDI debate in retail sector and you can understand the core of it, you see the book ‘Good to great’ in the library and you are able to talk about it. It is definitely a lot of fun and belongingness, and I should admit, especially if the company is Google ☺

But there are challenges, mainly since you are able to grasp just about everything and learn new things so fast. You are on the look out for a new thing all the time, and it is a little challenging to have a boss when you have been your own boss for a long time. Thankfully, Google doesn’t give me the opportunity to feel there is someone bossing me, nor does it fill my enthusiasm so fast that I am on a constant look out for new things all the while. It is damn amazing to be a part of this company and the kind of things that this company does and at a scale it does is simply unimaginable!
So, when you are starting a career 10 years late, its fine, if the company is Google ☺. And you can take a deep breath on this big achievement of yours after such a struggle and hard work, and say to yourself “☺”.